Simple Bento for Sunday

Ben wanted a bento for lunch and I obliged. This one is very very simple, with minimal creative aspects, just cutting/slicing the food to fit!

Benjamin has a turkey & cheese sandwich on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Thins (yes, I'm still extolling the virtues of this bread, we love it!). I quartered the sandwich so it fit better into the box, but nothing fancy with it. It's topped with 2 marble cheese stars, my only foray into "work" other than actually making the meal today. There is a bunny shaped hard-boiled egg in the center, but those aren't really work, just peel sooner than later. ;o) He has sliced strawberries, fresh blackberries, and baby carrots to fill in all the gaps.

Simple, healthy, and seriously no longer than making a regular lunch on a plate! I still would have had to slice, cut & prep all the food the same way to put it on a plate or in baggies. :o)


  1. Do you have a tutorial on making the animal shaped egg?

  2. I will look for it, I remember writing one once upon a time. The short version though is you do need egg molds or ice cream sandwich molds. You'll boil the egg, let it sit in hot water for about 15 minutes off the heat, then peel it still hot, and pop it into the mold, then refrigerate.


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