Simple Dinner Bento

We're still trying to figure out a rhythm to taekwondo nights that means everyone gets dinner and it's not from the drive-thru at our friendly neighborhood Taco Bell.

Our new thought is to have a big late lunch at home, then take a light dinner for the kids to our martial arts class. They take class first, then they can eat while Shaun & I take class.

We tried that tonight--had lasagna, rolls & salad for a later lunch/early dinner (around 3pm), then brought these for the kiddos for an extra meal around 6:30ish.

Both kids had an egg salad sandwich in the shape of a duck (cucumber eye, carrot beak, of course), and cantaloupe, pineapple and the rest of the honeydew. They like a simple egg salad, just boiled eggs and a bit of mayo, and I'm pleased to report that we are finally switched over to a much better bread! It's been a long transition from regular grocery store white bread, to Nature's Own White Wheat, to Nature's Own Honey Wheat, to Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat. Not sure if we want to go one more step with the whole grains yet, I might just enjoy the fact that they'll now eat wheat bread (even Shaun!).

These boxes have a dome-shaped lid, almost triangular that go on top of the white part holding the sandwich and the white part sets on top of the blue compartment holding the fruit. They do need to be secured with a band if you overpack the fruit. ;o)

We're getting low on fruit again too, thankfully the new grocery store ads start tomorrow!

Oh, and *Jamie Oliver* commented on my Twitter earlier and is now following me! How cool is that???


  1. where do you buy your boxes? I am struggling to find any at the local asian markets!

  2. I auctually saw some super cute food boxes tonight at Borders of all places! They even had cute little kids chopsticks. I never would have thought to look there.

  3. Cute!! I would love to help you get started making your own bread. It's a little investment though. I make 6 loaves at a time, Nate slices them all and we freeze. I love it because there are like 5 ingredients and that's it. It's a "white wheat" also so it's not that dark brown icky stuff. Everyone in my family loves it. Let me know if you want more info later.

  4. Love your duck. Jamie Oliver~ wow!

  5. I also bake homemade bread like Bonnie :) idk if you would call it white wheat or whole really can't make whole wheat bread w/o some regular flour. we all love it but if we run out of bread and I'm short on time I always go with Nature's Own brand too! Tasty and free of scary, unknown, and/or health hazardous ingredients :) Good choice! I just started following your blog a few days ago, but I'm TOTALLY loving it! I'm SO getting bento's for my kids for next school year. TY for your inspiration. Keep up the great work! You're a fantastic mom and role model :)

  6. looking for a link for you on twitter... can you share? or could you follow me on twitter and i can find you that way?



  7. nevermind... i am stupid! found it!

  8. Kristi, we're in Dallas, so we have a few Asian markets that stock bento stuff. Some of mine is from Ebay and a lot of the cute stuff, my friend brought me back from California. Ebay might be your best option, a lot of people like JList too, I've never ordered from them, so no personal experience.

  9. What a cute duck! I love all your lunchboxes Shannon :)


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