Tonight's Taekwondo Bentos

Monday's are our crazy days. Ben has preschool from 1pm till 3:30pm, which means we are out of our house from about 12:30 to 4ish. I get home and immediately leave to go tutor an 8th grader (who thankfully lives close enough that a 30 minute turn around time is enough). I tutor from 4:30 - 6pm. The kids take taekwondo at 6:15pm, so they head over with Shaun and I meet the 3 of them at the class. They finish at 7:15 and the adult class is from 7:15 - 8:15. If we are lucky, we make it back to our house by 8:45.

Needless to say, warm, home-cooked nutritious dinners don't happen on Mondays, unless, of course, you consider the people working at the drive-thru part of your home. The next best thing I could figure out was homemade bentos so the kiddos could eat while Shaun & I were in our class.

Tonight, our taekwondo bentos featured:
  • a cream-cheese & strawberry jam pocket sandwich on honey-wheat bread (made with my very cool Pampered Chef pocket sandwich maker)
  • a shaped boiled egg (this is Faith's so a bunny with cucumber features, Ben had a bear)
  • cucumber slices, celery sticks & baby carrots with a little container of ranch dressing
  • honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple & strawberries
  • a mini 3Day cupcake & a mini cheeseburger cookie from yesterday's bake sale. My friend Jackie made the cupcakes and Faith made the cheeseburger cookies to help out!
These are packed in our new Easy Lunchboxes and I was quite happy to figure out that two of them fit in the cooler! I'm giving away a set of these (4 boxes plus a cooler) later this week, so be sure to watch for it!


  1. Bentos are a great alternative for you guys on Monday nights. Much more nutritious than fast food. AWESOME.

    I checked out your link for the lunch boxes. How cool!

    I'm totally in on that giveaway!!!

    :) Laura

  2. very cool! Great alternative to fast food! I need that sandwich maker! Oh and the boxes. LOL

  3. Looks very tasty! Dinner bento is fun and a great thing for Monday! :D

  4. I am enjoying your bento lunches...I feel like I'm in a rut fixing lunches sometimes. I found similar containers by Ziplock (or Glad...can't remember) but I haven't used them yet. Hopefully we won't have a potluck and everything will stay in it's place.

  5. BTW, I am in suburban dallas also!

  6. oh and i'm married to an island boy!!!

  7. can you give the directions for those cute mini cheeseburger cookies? Thanks so much for you blog, it is awesome!

  8. Where do you find the little containers for ranch dressing? They're perfect!

  9. I love how you've added definition to your bunny egg! I've tried "coloring" mine with food coloring and it just makes a mess. And the baby hamburger is to die for! I am definitely stealing that one... ;)


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