Weekend Bento

Usually we don't do bentos on the weekend, but we had some new items & some leftovers that are photo-worthy.

Both kids had bentos, but Ben was eating his by the time I finished taking a picture of Faith's so pretend there are two of these here!

The kids had:
Cream cheese & strawberry jam sandwiches on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds topped with cheese animals (Faith had giraffes, Ben had bears)
2 happy eggs halves, leftover from Ben's preschool picnic
Celery & carrot sticks, and cucumber flowers for Faith
Sweet Potato Cupcake with cream cheese icing and a few sprinkles
All packed in their EasyLunchboxes!

Minimal work for me, the eggs & cupcakes were already made and the watermelon & veggies were already chopped in containers in the fridge. Just had to make the sandwich and cut out a couple of cheese animals. Bentos don't have to be time consuming!

I think I am going to add this one to KidsDreamWork's "Happy & Healthy" contest. I know it's healthy (even the cupcake is homemade with sweet potato) and the kissing giraffes and smiling eggs make me happy. :o)


  1. Having a cow over how cute this is Shannon.:)

  2. That is the perfect box for the weekend! Those eggs still crack me up, they are just so cute :)

  3. You just amaze me. I love all of these wonderful bento lunches you make. So awesome.

  4. I love your bentos! Being new to the world of bentos, I have to ask, do you make them each morning or do you do them the night before? Obviously, with these, you had extra time with it being the weekend. Just wondering if I can really do this next school year.

  5. Those look so cute. I just bought my bentos and I can't wait to get started.

  6. So adorable! I'm envious of your creativity.

  7. Hello Shannon, thank you for submitting this lovely bento which really fits the "Happy & Healthy" theme of the contest! Glad to have one more bento friend! :D

  8. Kit, during the school year, I almost always make them the night before. I might add in crackers or cookies or something like that in the morning, but the sandwiches, fruit, salads, are all together, in their boxes, in the fridge. It's only a few dry pieces that go in last minute and filling up the water bottles with ice. I'm not a morning person, so morning lunches just would not happen around here. ;o)


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