And an Octodog for Faith

Never mind that the girl was at camp this week, doing all sorts of cool things like rock climbing, zip lines, horseback riding & swimming. Mommy made Ben an octo-dog and she did not get one. ;o) As any of you with two+ kids know, that is simply not acceptable. So we had to make octo-dogs again. Thankfully, I still had the "dog" part left over.

I did not, however, feel like making another pasta salad, so I premade rice for dinner and used that as the "sea", pretend it's the sea in Antarctica or something!

Octodog Paperchase Alien Bento Box

Miss Faith has a mini octo-dog (half a regular one) sitting on a bed of steamed rice and decorated with carrot & cucumber star fish. The upper left contains a lovely, freshly made apple-cinnamon granola bar (from this recipe but using dried apples & extra cinnamon in lieu of cherries & chocolate chips) along with some strawberries. The lower left holds the rest of the strawberries, an apricot and a plum, all sliced into bite-sized pieces. It's packed in one of our Paperchase boxes, technically it's Ben's robot one, but the size/shape was perfect for today.


  1. I don't know if you've tried it before, but if you place the hot dog in a microwave for a short amount of time, the 'legs' of the octopus will curl up in a very adorable way :) Love your blog!

  2. Hi Shannon, I've given you an award. Stop by when you get a chance and snag it.


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