And the Official Anniversary Lunch!

I certainly couldn't not make a bento today! :o)

We often buy mini pita breads for the kids for lunches (check the Ben tag, earlier this school year). I haven't bought them in awhile and Shaun suggested the other day that we needed some for sandwiches for the kids. Then, HapaBento posted this beautiful lunch with chicken teriyaki pita bread sandwiches. Two independent mentions of pita bread is surely a sign we needed some, so off to the grocery I went.

We also had a wonderful roast beef the other night that had plenty of meat leftover for sandwich fixings.

This would be Faith's lunch. She has pita sandwiches with roast beef, fresh muenster cheese, & lettuce. She has a strawberry oatmeal bar (cut in pieces to fit), some carrots, celery & a cucumber round, and freshly cut pineapple with blackberries. It's packed in the top level of a two-level Hello Kitty box that I've had for a few years now. The lid snaps in place without a band, so you can use just the top layer.


  1. Yumm roast beast..err beef. So tasty..Happy Bloiversary!

  2. I call it that too! I love the Grinch. :o)

  3. Delicious!! I love the cute little sandwiches. And we call it roast beast too lol

  4. Those are awesome! My hubby loves the pita sammies so we will continue with that menu for awhile.

    Roast beast! LOL


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