Ben's Second Sunday Lunch

Faith left for camp this afternoon. We took her to meet the camp bus and had lunch with her before leaving, including Mr. Ben. We returned home, sans Faith, and Ben requested more food. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ben's second lunch includes star-shaped turkey & cheese sandwiches on Nature's Own Honey Wheat with very last of the roasted red pepper-tomato dip as a spread. He has a small chunk of strawberry oatmeal bar, some carrots, a few apple slices, grapes, and his "Peanut" pick of blueberries.

Stay tuned this week for some grown-up bentos! I promised Shaun that since I only had one kid to cook for this week, I'd make him some healthy husband lunches. ;o)


  1. Ooooh - looking forward to grown up lunches. I'm always looking for inspiration! :)

  2. He's hysterical, because he doesn't care at all if I do cute stuff or regular stuff, just as long as there is enough food. I was making sandwiches earlier and the only comment I got was "If you cut mine into shapes, I want the outside pieces too!"

  3. uhhh look so good, i did my first tupper today for tomorrow, have to say i am ashamed about the result hahaha i put some omelette and meat and hmmm cucumber... but tomorrow i will do this sandwich and carrots, looks so good!!!

  4. Hi,
    I'm your newest follower, I love your blog. Everything looks so healthy.

    Have a blessed monday:)


  5. Thanks Belle, I'm really loving the simple stuff lately. Good food and just one little cute piece to focus it.

    April, welcome! Glad you are here. :o)

  6. Hi, I've been following your blog for the past few weeks, and I think I'm inspired enough to start trying these. But one question (and I apologize if it's on the blog somewhere) - do you end up with lots of food scraps? For instance, what do you do with the outside parts of the star sandwiches? I assume you're cutting them with a cookie cutter. So do you throw them out, stick them in your own lunch, or recycle them somehow?

  7. They almost always end up being eaten by someone in my house. The kids are either standing around begging for a sample or I'll eat them as I'm making them. If there is just a bit of bread left, we live next to a little lake and there are two really cute ducks that live there. :o)

    For cheese, fruit & veggies, assuming no one is eating food quicker than I can cut it out, I save it for other uses. A lot of non-photographed salads have odd bits of cheese & veggies in them. Fruit never lasts long around here, so those are very unlikely to even make it back to the fridge.

  8. Cool thanks! You make this sound so appealing! We're moving in a few weeks so that might be a great time to restart how we do lunch (and other meals too).


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