Bento for Food Allergies - a guest post

We're off on a little adventure to Chicago till Friday night, so I invited Jen from Vegetus Maximus to share a few bentos with you. Her little guy has severe food allergies and she has been making bentos for him (with all sorts of yummy from-scratch items) to help him eat well and stay safe!

This February, I found out my then 8 month old son had several significant food allergies, including wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, dairy, soy, and eggs. Due to their high-allergy risk, we’ve also been advised to delay the introduction of fish, tomato, oranges, and strawberries. This cuts out a lot of foods in the typical American child’s diet, including pretty much anything that comes in a box, bag or bottle.

Being the notoriously stubborn person that I am, I’ve since been determined to provide my little boy with a healthy varied diet despite these dietary restrictions. This means religiously reading labels and contacting companies to find “trace free” basic cooking staples like olive oil and rice (most are contaminated with trace allergens during the manufacturing process), and grinding my own rice flour for baked goods.

I keep things colorful and am constantly experimenting in the kitchen to find new ways of presenting our “safe” foods. In addition to my culinary experiments, we eat lots of fruits, veggies, beans, rice, potatoes, and poultry. My son, or Senorcito as we like to call him, has grown into an adorable happy pudgy one year old who loves to devour the food I pack for daycare.

Colorful Bento
Breakfast - 2 mini Rice-Quinoa-Blueberry Muffins and a Nectarine.
Lunch - Brown Rice, Turkey, Avocado, Okra and Carrot Stars.
Snack - Golden Apple and Blueberries plus Quinoa O's.

Blue Box
Breakfast - Banana, Blueberries, Quinoa O's
Lunch - Baked Chicken, Sautéed Greens and Purple Potatoes
Snack - Peaches

The recipes for some of Jen's muffins can be found on her blog along with pictures of the cute little man she does this all for!


  1. Wow, those lunches look me!

  2. Thanks for this. I love hearing from other allergy moms!


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