Blueberry Breakfast Bentos

We almost never do breakfast bentos. I'm not a morning person and that takes way too much thought & energy at an early hour.

However, this morning, Faith had a cardiologist appointment at 8am that I knew would last a couple of hours. Shaun had to go into the office, so I also knew that Benjamin would have to come with me. I did the smart thing and made breakfast bentos last night, short of toasting the bagels.

F&B each had half a blueberry bagel, toasted with blueberry cream cheese. I found Nature's Own Bagels and was thrilled as they are HFCS free. We need more! They each had a boiled egg (sliced in half), honeydew, blackberries, and vanilla yogurt with blueberries. If you check the yogurt container, you'll see there is some cute little animal face on the lid. I think this one is a puppy, Faith had a pink lid with a lion, and there is a yellow that looks like a monkey.

My dad got these boxes for the kids a couple of years ago. They are similar to Lock&Locks but without interior containers. The lids are solid white with cute pictures--Faith's has school supplies like crayons and letters, Ben's has jungle animals. There are pics somewhere on this blog, but I can't seem to find them right now.


  1. Yummy looking breakfast bento! I will have to look for the bagels, we are forever trying to find things that are HFCS free :D

  2. Have you done those checkered apples? How do people do those?

  3. I haven't, because my kids only like apples freshly peeled. If it gets the slightest bit brown, it's over. ;o)

    I believe (& Jenn who posted them above should have a tutorial for this on her blog) that you score the apple lightly through the skin in one direction, then perpendicular, then use a knife to pop off the alternating squares.

  4. Hi Shannon! Came over here from your post on my blog contest (thanks BTW)! I LOVE this idea and recently have been interested (or more like obsessed!) with learning more about bento style packing...what a great idea for breakfast--and especially the make-ahead idea!


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