Dinner Bento for Faith!

We had taekwondo last night and I realized late in the day that I really should throw together a couple of dinner bentos for the kids. The only dilemma? We're trying to finish out a lot of food so finding stuff to eat without opening new packages was a bit interesting.

Faith had ham & cheese sandwiches on Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread, cut into dolphins. A friend of mine had showed me the Lunch Punch awhile back and the sweet owner sent me a couple to try out for F&B and offered to host a giveaway (coming soon, I want to finish writing our review for them, but in summary, awesome product)! Susan at Hawaii's Bento Box used the cute little candy eyes on one of her creations last week, so had to borrow that idea. The kids loved the little sweet treat.

She also has cucumbers, carrots, celery & peapods, with a little bit of creamy tomato dressing in the container. I'm low on dressings, so mixed some homemade tomato soup with a smidge of cream cheese to make a dipping sauce, it worked. On the upper right, we're finishing off the blueberry banana bread and on the lower right, we're getting to end of the grapes & cantaloupe. It's packed in our EasyLunchbox, which is my preference right now for dinners.

Not bad for lacking a whole lot of food parts right now.


  1. Super cute bento! LOL, my kids always eat the eyes first. Thanks for the mention! :)

  2. Very cute! Love the dolphins. Where do you get the eyes? Are they gummy eyes?

  3. Love the dolphins! I wonder where I can find such candy eyes too!

  4. Hi Shannon,

    I love the cute details in the bento lunch, like the dolphin-shaped sandwiches and the toothpicks. I remember how my mom used to make me bento lunches, but I didn’t appreciate them as much back then as I do now. Maybe if I had gotten to make them with her from time to time, I would have appreciated the work that goes into making such a beautiful lunch.

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