Dinner Bento - Mini Club Sandwiches

We have martial arts tonight (we kind of didn't make it there last night and the kids ate their bentos at the kitchen table). But we need to go tonight, so I went ahead and made the kids a quick dinner to take along with us!

I had avocado dip leftover from our Muffin Tin Monday post and thought we could make some version of a club sandwich using that. In the end, I ended up using the dip, turkey, ham, cheese & lettuce on Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread. The bread is, as usual, flattened with a rolling pin first so I could cut out shapes. I also precut the bread and built the sandwiches on the shapes instead of making a sandwich and trying to cut through layers!

Faith has a flowered shaped club sandwich (just realized you can't see all the layers), carrots, celery & cucumbers, cantaloupe & honeydew, blueberries, and some of the strawberry oatmeal bars I made last night.

Ben has pretty much the same thing as Faith, but no cucumbers and no lettuce on his sandwich. He can be a bit more difficult than she is.

On a completely different note, my latest post for DFW-TodaysMama posted. Check out our "Popsicles for Breakfast?" blog!

And don't forget, "What's for Lunch Wednesday" will be up very late tonight!


  1. I should try flattening the bread out with a rolling pin. Thanks for the idea!


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