Feeding my Husband - Intro to GrownUp Bentos

Since Faith is at camp this week, I only have one kid to feed. And while Ben eats a *lot*, I wasn't entirely sure I would have enough blog material for the week, especially if he gets stuck in a food rut.

My lovely husband came to the rescue with the suggestion "You could make lunch for me, maybe your readers are interested in bentos for adults." While I think the initial suggestion was a bit self-serving, he kind of hit on a good idea.

So while Faith is gone, we'll attempt "feeding the husband" as a theme for the week.

For lunch, Shaun had a salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrot) with shredded cheese & happy boiled eggs, along with baby grape tomatoes to add in at the office. For the time being, they are making sure the sandwich stays put. Dressing was packed in a separate container. He had a chicken salad sandwich with lettuce on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds (cut in half to fit in the box), the last cherry-chocolate chip granola bar, a bunch of grapes, and a bit fat strawberry for color.

The box is from Super Target a couple of years ago, but a friend of mine told me they have them again with the picnic supplies. The lid has a built in knife & fork, so it's all one piece. I know they are less than $5, maybe $3.99? Either way, it's a perfect box to give bento a shot for grown ups without spending a fortune to get started.


  1. great idea!!! I pack lunch for my hubby and I and am always looking for new ideas!!!

  2. For your UK readers, poundland stock these boxes. I know cos I snagged one! (^-^)

  3. This is awesome, and I love it that the strawberry looks like a heart.


  5. I saw this exact same box at Target this weekend and my live in boyfriend who I pack lunch daily for wanted one too. However it seemed a bit on the small side for his large appetite.

  6. I just found you blog and I love it so much I became a follower and posted about your site on my blog.

    I will definitely be stopping by frequently for inspiration!

    Do you have a button that I can add to my blog? I would love to let other readers know about you!

    ~Busy Buzzer
    Buzzing the day Away

  7. Yes! That is so ironic, I just had a friend make one this afternoon, thinking "I really should have one!" Let me get my little guy to bed and I'll add it for you to grab.

  8. What great ideas! I feel like I am always making the same old boring things for lunch...so thanks for the ideas!
    You can follow me back at
    EnJOY your day!

  9. I bought one of these today at Target! I paid $2.99... pretty good deal. I also bought a "salad" one that had a container for dressing on the top as well as the built-in silverware.


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