Feeding my Husband - Laptop Lunches

Shaun didn't need a lunch yesterday. He was supposed to be out showing property all morning, but when that was canceled, he worked from home. We have a fridge, he can make his own food. ;o)

Today, however, he's back at the office, so we'll continue with the series of feeding the grown-ups with bentos. Today, I opted for one of our Laptop Lunches. They work rather well for grown up food, since neither of my kids take enough food to adequately fill the containers.

Today, he has a turkey, ham & muenster cheese sandwich on honey-wheat with lettuce & mayo plus a few baby grape tomatoes to stabilize it. ;o) Below that is a salad--lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, green pepper & green onion; basically whatever we had in the fridge. To the top right is cantaloupe, below that is a mixed berry muffin from my freezer stash.

Notice the odd shaped cantaloupe? It's what is leftover after making cantaloupe stars for Ben to take to church last night. I get lots of questions about what we do with the leftover bits when we cut things out. That's about it. It goes back in the fridge and added to other things or we nosh on it when we're looking for a quick snack.


  1. I've always been curious as to whether the Laptop Lunches would hold enough food for an adult! Another great lunch! Thanks for sharing! Oh and I am so glad you have a button now - I've already added it to my blog!

    Buzzing the Day Away

  2. Looks like an awesome lunch! I've had my eye on those laptop lunchboxes for over a year now and just haven't pulled the trigger yet because they're a little pricey times two.

    (It was great meeting you and the whole family in Chicago! We're seeing good friend Lisa Shanahan and Maisie, from one of the blogs you follow, in Utah in a couple of weeks.)

  3. What does one do when sending something liquid like applesauce or dip in one of these bento-boxes? We've not bought one yet but are very curious. And yes the price is a restricting factor..

  4. The yellow container has a separate lid and there is a little dressing cup with the lid, not pictured. My husband said they are pretty stable, without leaking, but he's also not 4. ;o)

  5. It looks great and I do the same thing with our left over parts from the melon..however usually the girls gobble them up off the cutting board as I am working..lol

  6. Well, I actually ate this in two sittings. Once we started working out I've noticed I'm eating smaller portions and more often. In the past I would have eaten the whole thing.

    I like having the variety of food to eat. Normally, I make my own lunches because the kids get the cool Bento's and I'll just eat two sandwiches.

    So yes, it's enough food to eat for an adult. I eat this around noon and eat an apple or other snack around 2:30ish.


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