Martial Arts Snack Box for Ben

Last night was Wipeout night on tv, which meant the 3 of us had every intention on coming home from taekwondo, making a quick dinner and watching our show. However, Mr. Ben finishes his class an hour before Shaun & I do and he is usually hungry while he is waiting.

I opted to bring him a quick snack box, totally inspired by Susan at Hawaii's Bento Box and the Fun Finger Sandwiches she made the other day. Ben & I finally bought the circle fondant cutters I wanted, so it made shaping the bread much easier.

Ben had a couple of finger sandwiches of turkey & muenster cheese on Nature's Own Honey Wheat, topped with a muenster flower & a sharp cheddar star. He was less than interested in a cute butterfly. :oP I'll have to wait for Faith for that one. He had a boiled egg, sliced in my handy dandy egg slicer (seriously, one of my most favorite kitchen gadgets ever), a few grapes with his "Peanut" picks and a beautiful red strawberry.

Then he came home and ate a whole second meal. ;o) Teenage boy eating starts at age 4?


  1. Yes, teenage boy eating starts much earlier than they would have you believe. And it gets worse year by year until you're sure they couldn't possibly eat more food! Kidlet scares me sometimes with the amount of food he can ingest and still claim to be hungry :P

    I love the little sandwiches they are so cute!

  2. That looks great, I love it!!! :D

  3. Yes, the boys begin eating large amounts, and even when you think they can't possibly eat more, they do! My boys are teens now, and I can't shop for food fast enough for them, let alone pack it into adorably arranged bentos. I'm starting the bento lunches for my little girls though, and they are super excited about them.


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