Muffin Tin Mondays - Fresh Fruit Fest

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

In keeping with my theme of the week (food we need to eat before I go to Canada), I bring you Muffin Tin Monday, the fresh fruit edition. ;o)

We got home from VBS and had decided on pizza for lunch, but F&B were starving, so no reason why they couldn't have a platter of fruit crudites!

This would be Ben's tray. He has cantaloupe, blackberries, green grapes, apple slices topped with a frozen strawberry and an apricot. The bottom center holds vanilla yogurt to dip the fruit in.

Yummy, healthy, refreshing, and I got rid of a ton of fruit doing this!

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  1. My tin is very similar. I didn't realize I was serving a platter of fruit crudites.

  2. Crudites sounded more impressive than "all the fruit we need to eat before it goes bad". ;o)

  3. I'm going to make sure I use the word crudites at least one time in conversation this week. :)

  4. That is great! I always forget that fruit + yogurt is a good match. My boys love dipping!

  5. A 2nd MTM for the day, you are like the best mama ever!


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