My Newly Organized Bento Cabinet!

I've already posted this on Facebook without the details, but figured I'd share here as well.

F&B and I organized our bento cabinet yesterday. Thankfully, we have a really good sized kitchen with a lot of cupboard space, so I was able to steal one whole cabinet for lunch supplies. It's on 3 of the 4 shelves, if you notice the last shelf at the top, I can't reach it without a stool and I'm 5'7". I use those shelves to store holiday related kitchen items so I only have to climb up there once a year.

The contents:

Top Shelf, starting from the left in columns:
1. Dollarama Spongebob/Dora/Diego/Strawberry Shortcake boxes & collapsible basket-style sandwich boxes (they are not visible, but say something like "Feel at Ease" with leaf pictures)
2. Assorted square boxes, similar to Lock&Locks but cuter (Hello Kitty, jungle animals, school themed), sandwich style boxes (Cars & Kung Fu Panda)
3. Random rectangular bentos around the same size,3 Dollar Tree Hello Kitty with sporks in the lid, an Aurora box from Disney Store, black Sanrio Monokuro Boo, yellow Elmo
4. 2 Laptop Lunches, a blue Hello Kitty box that looks more like a tackle box imho, Disney Store 101 Dalmation bone shaped boxes which hold sauce bottles, bands, and sauce cups too, one more sandwich box that holds all our food picks
5. In the front, 2 triangular boxes and a different sized two tier box that didn't fit anywhere else

Middle shelf, starting from the left in columns:
1. Single layer boxes with snap down lids--Putifresh, Clickity Click, Thomas the Train
2. Single layer boxes with snap down lids--aliens from Borders, Disney Marie from Aristocrats, and black stacking boxes (Mickey Mouse)
3-6. Double layer boxes inside themselves--Putifresh, Clickity Click, Hello Kitty, a few others, and Faith's stacking wiener dog boxes from Borders
7. In the front, Ben's Cars box from the Disney Store that looks like a gas can, a couple of sets of silverware/chopsticks in cases

Bottom Shelf, starting from the left:
1. Mini containers--Hello Kitty, Shinkansen, Feel at Ease, some round ones with animal lids, in the back. In front of those, silicone muffin cups, squares, circles & mini hearts. Next to that, my Pampered Chef uncrustable maker.
2. Rubbermaid tote of egg molds, rice molds, and ice cream sandwich molds I use for eggs. Another Rubbermaid tote with a small fraction of my cookie cutters, those most frequently used. On top of that, a dinosaur and star sandwich cutter, 4 bug shaped silicone muffin cups that Faith & I had to buy the other day.
3. In the back, smaller Disney Store boxes with snap down lids, Hello Kitty & Shinkansen shaped boxes. In front, a pretty green two layer box a friend got me, small square Clickity Click boxes for F&B.

Not shown:
Our stainless steel water bottles fit perfectly in front of the totes on the lowest shelf, I took them out for pictures.
Our Easy Lunchboxes are in the dishwasher.
The regular grown up bentos (Fit & Fresh, Lock & Lock, another Target picnic one) are all in the tupperware cabinet.

It's a hobby, really!!!


  1. Wow look at all that awesome stuff..and so neat and tidy! :)

  2. I wish I had a cabinet for mine! I used to have a drawer fo rthe small stuff but I lost cabinet space when I got my dishwasher and now all my bento stuff (less than you have) is stuffed into corners and piled in the laundry room!

  3. I wish I had enough space and bento supplies for a whole cabinet! It looks really good!

  4. I just made your sweet potato!!

  5. Do you find most of these are air tight? I have issues with soggy chips or crackers.

  6. That is funny, I just organized my bento supplies too. I don't have nearly enough space, nor as many items as you, but now I don't dread having to find things for lunches first thing in the morning.

  7. wow! thats a lot of stuff!

  8. Hi Shannon! Bentos are resuming over at and I am working on some supply/storage posts. Do you mind if I include your link and maybe this pic?

  9. Of course! If you click on the picture, it should give you a bigger file to grab.


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