And a Rainbow Bento for Miss Faith

Faith, of course, is really intrigued with the whole "eating the rainbow" concept. I am too, but wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention when I made this bento, till we looked at the pictures afterwards. As Faith said, "Look, we've got a whole rainbow in the box!"

Faith has half a grilled chicken sandwich on Italian rolls (leftover from a BBQ the night before), some cheese flowers, and a little bit of pound cake.

Then there is her rainbow of fruits & veggies--a ripe red strawberry, orange carrots, yellow pineapple, green cucumbers, and blue/purple blackberries!

The box is one of my Canadian dollar store ones. The interior compartment is perfect for dip (what the package said) but also yogurt, applesauce or really juicy fruits!


  1. Fantastic! My stepdaughter loves to think about bentos and the color rule of 5: something red/orange, yellow, green, white, and blue/black/or brown. Bentos and this great eat a rainbow book are a way to get kids thinking about nutrition in a fun way. All kids love to categorize things, just like the Sesame Street game: One of these things is not like the other. :-) Bentos and Rainbow Eating are the same idea, just food related.

  2. Love this arrangement! Fun and nutritious all at the same time.

  3. Loving all the colors and that box is pretty cool!

  4. Bentos make leftovers look's rainbow bento for me from now on

  5. The dip cup is the center is so cool.


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