Froggie Snack Bentos

Back to sunny weather in Southern Ontario and F&B are back by the pool.

We're having a late/early anniversary dinner tonight (my parents were in June, we are in August, same with my brother & SIL, good family friends are September), so I didn't want F&B to overeat this afternoon. Instead, they took snack bentos out to the deck, in between swimming!

I bought a few darling cookie cutters at the Bulk Barn (Canadian chain, I think). Most of them are mini sized, but I bought two normal ones--a skull & crossbones and a very cute froggie! In the minis, we also got a handprint, the cute little piggie I've been using the last few days, a chickie, a dove, a carrot, and a dachshund! Everyone likes a wiener dog. ;o)

Today, F&B had ham & cheese sandwiches cut to look like a frog and a dachshund. Yes, they really don't go together, but after cutting out the frogs, the dachshund or carrot were the only things that fit in the remaining bread. No leftover bits today. My mom's collies were my "lunch helpers" and they ate the crusts. ;o)

They have baby carrots & cucumber flowers, and blueberries, raspberries & red grapes. In the upper corner is a Timbit, which is a little mini donut made by the best donut & coffee place in the world (Tim Horton's, also Canadian, they have some in the northern US too). My dad got the kids some this morning and they do have the perfect mini look for bentos. And they are darn good. ;o)

It's packed in the interior compartments of a Laptop Lunch box. I needed a *small* box, so this was a good solution.

The pick is an idea I borrowed from Pikko's Yum Yum Bento book. She suggested a way to make your own picks with ribbon and toothpicks. We used a bit of scrapbook paper and toothpicks plus a sticker. I really like this idea btw, especially for theme boxes! We'll be using it again for sure!


  1. Looks awesome. So glad your finding supplies while on vaca. Can't wait to see the winner

  2. adorable i wish i had talent like that !!!

  3. What do you use to draw the faces? I'm just getting started in doing bentos for my kids!

  4. I'm sorry, Amy, I just saw your comment (I just changed the settings so it will tell me posts not on the front page have comments). This face is done with a bit of cucumber peel--I used a cookie cutter to shape the mouth and a straw to press out the eyes.


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