The Kids Cook Monday - Banana/Zucchini Bread (with Chocolate Chips!)

It's time for our weekly The Kids Cook Monday project. Shaun had chicken marinating in the fridge, so we didn't really need a main course, and I had veggie lentil soup (a kid fave) simmering on the stove. It was decided we need some sort of a dessert item, so we chose banana bread.

Now, I had a half a zucchini left over from soup making, so I grated it and we added that to our banana bread to make zucchini-banana bread. It worked well as I only had two bananas (I like three in this recipe). And, I had a bit of chocolate chips left and everything is better with chocolate, so we added that too.

It's my typical base banana bread recipe, found here, with the addition of about a half a grated zucchini and a 1/2 cup or so of chocolate chips. I kept everything else the same.

Lots of opportunities for F&B to help out--pouring & mixing:

Faith loves cracking eggs, so that was one of her jobs, Ben did the breaking the yolks with the spoon part:

And of course, adding all the fixings. I did opt to grate the zucchini myself since I use a small hand grater and I didn't really want anyone bleeding in my banana bread. Faith poured the zucchini for me:

As for pictures of the finished product? All I've got is the first picture where it's already sliced. F&B got to it before I even had a chance to take the pictures. Banana bread is really good right out of the oven!


  1. Yum! I was just thinking about zucchini bread today, after grabbing a zucchini walnut muffin from Sbucks for breakfast. If I make them in muffin form I may even have some left for bento stash. :)

  2. I usually do muffins too, for bentos. I have mixed berry and zucchini-carrot-raisin in the freezer from the last baking bonanza (I'm addicted to my freezer stash, nothing is better than getting ready to go food right out of a container).

  3. I'm not a cook by nature - can you help more with that recipe? We have 2 bananas ready to use, plus a zucchini..

  4. Sure, I forgot to link the recipe.

    It's this recipe:
    No blueberries.
    But add half a zucchini grated (or chopped in a mini food processor) and something like a half cup or so of chocolate chips.


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