The Kids Cook Monday - Chicken Pasta Salad

We are really enjoying The Kids Cook Monday project, Nana even got into it this week and suggested a chicken pasta salad as a great dish the kids could help with. We had had a roast chicken the day before and it was a great way to use the leftovers out.

Nana boiled the pasta while the kids were still in the swimming pool, so no pictures of that.

Ben set to work chopping the chicken (so much easier to use the leftovers, it sliced well for his little hands).

Faith's job was to dice the red pepper (more tricky than the chicken).

Ben added the peas to the bowl.

And voila! Just needs some mayo (Mommy or Nana's job since we picked the smaller bowl) and the kids had a great fresh salad for our BBQ.


  1. That looks like a great meal! They did such a nice job.

  2. Yum! It's great you are teaching them so young. Soon you can have them cook you dinner!

  3. The project seems so fun! I must try to figure out some time to do this with my boys.


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