The Kids Cook Monday - Yogurt Parfaits

I received a sweet comment last week, complimenting me on one of Faith's bentos and inviting me to participate in a new blog program.

The Kids Cook Monday
is a project from Columbia, Johns Hopkins & Syracuse universities and is working to promote the idea of healthy eating & family meals together. It's also been recognized that kids who help cook are more likely to consider the portion, nutrients and vitamins in what they are eating.

Since F&B spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen with me to begin with, of course we had to say "YES!" to the invitation.

We're in Canada this week, visiting Nana, so we've got a whole different kitchen to work with. Ben really wanted split pea soup tonight, so we're having that with sandwiches. The kids opted to make a snack/dessert item instead of a meal this week--fruit & yogurt parfaits.

We've made these at home before. You'll need vanilla yogurt (or plain yogurt with a pinch of sugar & vanilla) and a good assortment of berries. We used blueberries, blackberries & strawberries today, only to find out after the fact that Nana also had raspberries. Guess that means we'll have to make them again!

As the almost 8 year old, Faith got the honor of slicing the strawberries. All fingers are still present & accounted for:

In the meantime, Ben spooned yogurt into the glasses:

And added a layer of blueberries:

We added more yogurt, then the kids added a layer of strawberries:

One more layer of yogurt, and a layer of blackberries:

And voila! One last dollop of yogurt, one cherry on top, and two parfaits for tonight!

We'll be doing more Kids Cook Mondays in the next few weeks too. If you're interested in finding out more about it or how to participate, email me and I'll help get you get in touch with the girl running it!


  1. That is a cute parfait with some cute chef's! My kids love to help in the kitchen too. I think we might get to make some banana bread tonight.

  2. Thanks! The kids love to help, so had to find something for them to do (since we already had dinner planned)!


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