Leftover Lunch for Ben

We had some odds & ends to finish up food-wise and I hated to see it go to waste. At our BBQ, we had a lovely honey-garlic sausage, except they were very very large sausages. Since Ben is a rather little boy, he insisted on one, then only ate half. I decided to wrap it and save it as I thought it might have a few bento possibilities.

In this bento, Ben has the half sausage on half an Italian bread bun, topped with a few white cheddar cheese stars. In the middle compartment, he has blackberries, carrots and a bit of pound cake. On the right, he has fresh pineapple.

This is packed in his (Canadian dollar store) Diego box, but I added the divider from Faith's Dora box to make it 3 comparments. I thought it worked out pretty well!


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