Mini-Sandwich Bento for Faith!

Headed out the other day to run a few errands and my mom had to stop into the grocery store. While there, I discovered a really interesting product called "Mini Sliders". Apparently, they are supposed to be for mini-hamburgers, but they had all sorts of bento-ish possibilities so I had to have a pack. Even better, they had a short ingredient list and were HFCS-free (again, we're not completely HFCS free, but I try to limit it if possible.

The little breads are only about 2 inches in diameter and remind me of the sandwich rounds we are obsessed with at home, so cute!

Miss Faith had a ham/cheese/lettuce sandwich on the mini-slider buns, some carrots & cucumber, a piece of apple-cinnamon granola bars that I had made for the car trip, and a boiled egg with a kitty face (not bad for not having my bento supplies on hand, isn't it?). On the other side of the box, she had a fruit salad--cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, green grapes, and raspberries. I think she could subsist on fruit salad.

A close-up of the mini slider sandwich! It's just darling, we love mini things around here. I actually had it on a saucer (not a regular plate) for this picture. It fit right where the base of the tea cup should be. As for the pick, I didn't bring decorative items with me, so Faith & I made a few of our own thanks to an idea from the Yum Yum Bento book I received. Review coming soon, it's amazing!!!

Since we are in Canada, I promised I'd try to use Canadian things to show that you can find bento goodies here--box is from the Dollarama and has Dora on the lid & a removable divider, the sliders are President's Choice brand (Canadian grocery), the pick we made with some scrapbook paper & stickers from the $1 store too!


  1. "a boiled egg with a kitty face?"

    I've heard of having egg on one's face, but not a face on one's egg!

    I'm just starting to learn about bento meals, and this one looks pretty interesting and tasty.


  2. I have totally been thinking about getting some of these little mini-buns to try. I was actually planning a "mini-size-me" meal one day and thought they would be perfect.

    I'm totally loving your idea too and if I use these instead of regular bread then maybe I won't feel so guilty about the kids not eating their crusts on regular sandwich bread!

  3. Great box and love that your still doing boxes on vacation! I'd miss your posts if you didn't :)

  4. Cute! I love the mini sandwich rounds! :D Lunch looks delicious!

  5. I LOVE those mini breads! Great lunch!

  6. The mini slider sandwich is just so perfect for bento! You made the adorable little teddy flag on the sandwich? So cute!


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