On the Road Bentos - Breakfast First!

I was very happy with how our on-the-road bentos turned out on our trip to Canada. It was much healthier, much cheaper, and much for efficient to just pull out bentos for the kids when it was time to eat instead of pulling over, stopping & getting food in whatever little town we were hopefully passing.

Since we are en route back to Texas, we are doing more bentos, but I decided on breakfast and lunch ones this time.

This one is Ben's but picture this times two. He has half a whole grain bagel with strawberry cream cheese, half a boiled egg, some chunks of white cheddar cheese, purple grapes, blueberries and slices of yellow plum. In the middle, he has peach yogurt. Faith's is almost identical, but she has raspberry yogurt. :o)


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  2. I found boxes just like this at Target the other day! I was so excited and told my friend I was with about your blog. She was so excited and now wants to make her child bentos for his school lunches! Thanks for all the healthy inspiration...

  3. Hi Shannon.. Greetings to you... This is the first time I join your Wednesday Weekly What's For Lunch. I hope you don't mind seeing a newbie.
    About this bento. Ohhh.. I agree 100%.. Nothing beats the comfort of home cooked food, isn't it?
    I also bring my DD lunch box wherever I go, even if it is for a 8 hour flight....
    You know, when kids are hungry, they can't wait for any more minutes!

  4. Love this one, and I like the idea of breakfast bentos. I tried one with heart shaped pancakes, maple breakfast sausages, and a hard boiled egg, plus yummy fruit. It's fun to mix it up!

  5. Your blog is fantastic. We take long car rides too, and I'm wondering: How do you prepare and store the bento boxes for the trip? Do you make them all the day before, and keep them in a cooler? Thanks!


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