On the Road Bentos

Which I also debated calling my "Walking in Memphis" bentos or my "Road to Little Rock" bentos, because I've been singing both of those in my head. I actually spent last night in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but I have no clever song for that. The kids likely ate the bentos on the road to Little Rock, but it very well could have been between Little Rock & Memphis.

Aren't you glad to know all of what is running through my head right now? ;o)

Needless to say, we need quick, easy bentos to take on the road with us. And, they had to not be excessively messy or perishable. And, they had to use food that was already opened in my house. And, F&B still wanted cute. No small order for sure!

Ben had a ham & cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread--the face is made with carrots & cucumbers. He has strawberries, grapes, and the rest of the blackberries, plus one of the last apple cinnamon granola bars. The pick is from the Dollar Tree and they come with something like 100 to a box. I didn't want to bring anything I would be upset about losing or breaking in the car.

Faith's is pretty similar--same sandwich, same granola bar, same fruits, but she had a few celery sticks too. Ben prefers his celery with dip & dip is perishable, imho.

Both kids have their lunches packed in containers I got at the $1 store in Canada. While there, I'm thinking of doing lunches with Canadian products, so I brought the boxes that are actually available there. Growing up in Canada, I remember seeing cool things on tv, then being disappointed that they were only available in the US, so I want to use some Canadian tools & boxes this week! Same fun lunches, just using some supplies that are actually able to be purchased in or ordered to Canada.

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  1. love these sandwich faces, and great idea for car-friendly bentos. just "liked" you - good luck!

  2. Do you have to take lots of bento containers with you in the car, or do you wash them out at rest-stops or ?? We're getting ready for a trip ourselves, and I'm curious. I hate baggies but on road trips, they seem easier, especially to not have to clean along the way..

  3. Oh you did such a great job. Love the face!

  4. Thanks girls!

    Cindy, I used two bentos and washed them out at the hotel on last night. We got to my parents' house today, so I could wash things out properly. I did use a lot of Gladware style containers (other than these two bentos) so I could recyle them if I couldn't clean them properly. We haven't done a long road trip that doesn't involve us heading back to Canada, so I'm not sure how to do bentos without regular dishwashing facilities, unless you'd bring dish soap along too for the hotel.

  5. It's funny what a small world this is! I don't remember where I first linked to your site from, but I pack bento for myself and love looking at other bento for inspiration. Anyway, my hometown is near Bowling Green, KY. I was visiting my family for the 4th of July weekend, and I went to BG on Monday to visit a friend!

  6. I love this idea for trips. Wish I had done this for our long trip we just got home from. We are heading back in December and I plan to try this. Thanks Shannon you rock!


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