On the Road - Lunch Bento

We need lunch on the road too. Again, we're trying to keep the stops minimal, so lunches had to come along too.

Honestly, I'm out of ideas for good on-the-road food and I'm also supply limited. I opted to keep it simple, easy, and hopefully not too crumby. I shop-vacced my car on Sunday before we left. ;o)

Faith has a turkey & cheese sandwich on whole grain flat bread with a couple of cheddar stars on top (I couldn't have no single cute thing in the box!). She has some carrot sticks, homemade strawberry-blueberry granola bars and diced pineapple.

We also have plenty of loose snacks for on the road, including two large containers of diced watermelon (too watery to go in with the rest of the food).


  1. The only thing I worry about with that pineapple is sticky little hands! Hopefully you packed some wet wipes in the car as well. =) Have a safe drive.


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