Our Night (well, Day) at the Museum Bentos

It was raining today in southern Ontario, so we headed out to the Buffalo Museum of Science. We have passes to the Museum of Nature & Science back home in Dallas and they offer reciprocal admission to a litany of other science museums, Buffalo being one of them. (Side note: They also included Nashville where we stopped on the way home from our Christmas vacation.)

Since we planned to spend several hours there, and my kids are always hungry, we brought bentos!

I found these boxes at the $1 store in Canada. They are supposed to be for fresh veggies with dip in the center, but they had enough bento possibilities that I had to buy two. The center circle is lidded, then another lid covers the entire box, so it keeps the wet food pretty much in place. We didn't need an entire container of dip, but it was perfect for yogurt!

Faith had (clockwise from the upper left) a piece of homemade granola bar, carrot sticks, cucumber flowers, green & purple grapes with blueberries, a mini slider spread with lovely apple ginger pear jam (from Pier 1, and basically natural ingredients, plus HFCS free), some sausage chunks, half a boiled egg, cheese flowers, and black cherry yogurt in the center.

Ben had fairly similar food--granola bar, carrots, egg, extra grapes & blueberries, jam on bread, sausage, cheese stars & hearts, and black cherry yogurt.

On the way home from the museum, we learned that dinosaurs eat bentos too! Ben had to have the triceratops head & paws.


  1. LOL! Love that photo of your little boy. Even as an adult (and female), I love dinosaurs! I have a giant stuffed triceratop that I still sleep with along with 2 t-rexs that reside on my bed.

  2. Cute! Love the hat! That bento hold a lot of variety!

  3. Those bentos looked good!
    Good idea!

  4. Nice! The yogurt cup looks like it's begging to be used as a dip.

  5. Now that I'm getting into bento making I'm on a quest for containers! I've seen those type at the Container Store--but they're a lot pricier there! May have to start scouting our dollar stores a bit more now.

    BTW, love your son's hat--I have dino loving boy too--his whole room is dinosaurs! I think I've learned more about dinos in the last couple of years than I have my whole life!

  6. Adorable photo of your little guy!

  7. You know what, that is a really neat way to do a bento. I have similar little containers and never even thought of that. Yours look yummy (as usual!)

    Have a great weekend, Shannon :)

  8. Great container! I am going between an easy lunchbox vs. Laptop Lunch for next year, and i wish they had a tight extra seal like that score! Oh, and your son is gorgeous! :)

  9. Nice bento to take for having fun. Love the dino hat! So cute on your son. How much dino eat from the bento? hehehe ... (^.^)


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