Polka Dot Muffin Bento!

The polka dot flowers really really amused me today.

We made chicken & cheese stuffed biscuits (à la Hawaii's Bento Box), but I felt like decorating them a bit. I only have heart shaped mini silicone muffin cups, so the shape was a bit odd to come up with a design. Hence, polka dots!

Faith has two of the chicken/cheese biscuits with polka dot flowers (white cheddar, orange cheddar & luncheon meat). To go with it, she has nectarine slices, carrot sticks, cucumber flowers and a bit of dip for the veggies.

She has a birthday party later today, so I didn't want her stuffed before swimming.

Don't forget! Our Lunch Punch giveaway ends tomorrow! There's still time to enter. :o)


  1. How cute! I love the polka dot background too! I have to put some bisuits on my shopping list!


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