Puppy Dog Themed Snack Bento!

Still in Canada for a few more days, but I was getting bored with the same old lunch patterns. I went digging in the drawer in my mom's kitchen and found a plethora of doggie themed items! My parents have collie dogs, so we decided on a puppy themed snackbento for the day.

I think this was Faith's as Ben isn't a big cucumber fan. She has 2 bones shaped sandwiches on fresh Italian bread with turkey & cheese. There are some carrot sticks, kitty shaped cucumbers, and a fire hydrant shaped piece of marble cheddar. Under that are some fresh blackberries & strawberries (unshaped) and two little pieces of pound cake, one dog house & one dog!

And to answer the age old question, do doggies eat bento too? Collies do, especially if the bento contains sausage and is being shared by a 4 year old boy.


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