Quick Little Breakfast Bento

Busy day today, we got up, had a quick breakfast, then took 2 kids & 2 collies to a children's dog show at the local festival. We came home for a bit and are getting ready to leave to take the kids to the Taste of Buffalo in another hour.

However, with all of this, F&B were of course starving, so we made a second breakfast snack bento to tide them over till we get to Buffalo, they can't last a couple of hours without eating. ;o)

I used the opportunity to finish up a bit of food too. They split the last croissant which was full of mixed berry jam. They split the last boiled egg in half, they split the last banana in half. Then they each got some purple grapes & blueberries.

Knowing them, they'll be ready to eat in an hour. ;o)


  1. Did they really eat all that? Bottomless pits, apparently. They say it's better to eat more frequently in small amounts, though, so snacking is actually good fo them. :)

    For using leftovers, that looks pretty good.

  2. I have been craving croissant sami's but haven't had time to shop...i'm on it this week...lol I looks awesome as usual :)

  3. They really do. I swear, they eat from morning till night. They had a slice of toast and a bowl of cereal with milk pre-dog show, then the above bento post-dog show. Then we went to the Taste of Buffalo where they ate all afternoon. Thankfully, they eat good food, but I spend a ton of money on things like produce weekly. They can go through a half a cantaloupe or pint of berries in one sitting. ;o)


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