Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snack Bentos by the Pool!

We are having rather warm weather in Canada right now, probably in the low 90s. My parents finally got rid of their pool last year, but my dad decided to get a Quick-Set kind for F&B. It's perfect, Ben can even stand up in there (he can't in our pool at home), so we can just watch from the deck. Bentos have moved from inside lunches to outside snacks of course!

Since it was a late afternoon snack, the amount of food is on the smaller side. I used one of the Laptop Lunch internal containers to hold it all! There are fresh fruit popsicles for dessert, hence no treats in the box.

I think this is Faith's box. She had a turkey, lettuce and cheese sandwich on a mini-slider bun (oh how I love these!), a few baby carrots, cucumbers cut to look like piggies (this may be a new favorite cookie cutter) and purple & green grapes!

Canadian products, obviously the sliders again and Laptop Lunches are available in Canada. The piggie cookie cutter is from Bulk Barn and the plastic pick/fork is from the dollar store.

Excuse the very large shadow. I had to take the pictures outside!


  1. Those mini sandwiches are too cute! We also like mini things at our house. We can't find mini pita breads at the store :-( but hopefully we can find the mini sandwich rounds!

  2. yummy!!those mini sammys are too cute :)and the fresh fruit popsicles sound terrific too!!

  3. Love those little mini sliders! Wish I could find something comparable around here...I'll keep looking!

  4. If it gets really hot, freeze those grapes for a cool treat. :) Sittin in a kiddie pool eating frozen grapes, now THAT sounds fun.

  5. Ooh - I want the mini sandwich. So cute - and the perfect portion!!!

    :) Laura

  6. I'm a big fan of bento. My son loves his bento over school lunch.

  7. re: the popsicles... when you use kiwi do you take the seeds out?

  8. We keep the seeds, too lazy to pick them out. ;o)



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