Taekwondo Dinner Bentos

We had taekwondo last night since we are finally back home, so I decided to take along some dinner for the kids.

I've missed being able to use all my different supplies--all my cute teeny cutters & punches & boxes!

After perusing my cabinet for a very long time, I decided I wanted to use my Easy Lunchboxes and my new Lunch Punches (which I will be doing a giveaway for, starting tomorrow!).

Faith has a cream cheese & jelly butterfly sandwich, made with the Lunch Punch, and decorated with cheese decorations (various cutters), a cucumber sliver smile and pink sugar eyes. I also made a fresh pasta salad with carrot stars, strawberry-blueberry granola bars from my freezer, and added grapes & watermelon.

Ben's is quite similar--a cream cheese & jelly sandwich, made with the Lunch Punch, but with the dog in a house punch, and decorated with cheese decorations puppy and a sugar eye. He also has pasta salad with carrot stars, strawberry-blueberry granola bars, grapes & watermelon, but he wanted blackberries too.


  1. I love the butterfly.. It's cute!

  2. great job with the butterfly, so cute! And I'm so excited about the upcoming giveaway, I sooo want one after seeing your cool looking sandwiches.

  3. Love the colors on these Shannon! Tell me about those sugar eyes. What are they and where do you get them? Or do you make them? I'm sure you've already posted about them somewhere but I wanna know now! Too cute!

  4. I feel so handicapped when I can't use any cutters! I think I relied on them too much! hehehe

    Cute bentos for the kids!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Kelly, the sugar eyes are a candy decorating goodie. My mom got them for me at a shop near her, but you can order them on Amazon too (search for "candy eyes", then choose the kitchen related category). Pretty sure they are just colored sugar, but since they are so tiny, I figure it is not big deal. :o)

  6. The lunch punches are so cute!! Love the cute bento lunches!

  7. Ohhh I love the puppy... It's so cute... And I
    also like how you put the polkadot background. So cheerful! I'm getting light hearted just by looking at the pictures. =)

  8. I found your blog recently and you make lunch (or dinner) look like so much fun! I hope when I have kids I'll be able to make lunches like these! Thanks for sharing! : )


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