Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday's Biscuit Bento!

As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of Susan and the Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook. Her bentos are super cute and her recipe ideas are amazing yet practical. She's been on a biscuit-related theme lately and I've been waiting to get home so I could try out some of her ideas.

I opted to try one can of biscuits only to see what F&B thought. I stuffed 6 of them with chicken & cheese, then decided that I wanted to try PB&J ones, so made the last four like that. It's not my fault I'm the only one who likes PB&J. On the plus side, I did not have to share mine. ;o)

Ben had one of the chicken & cheese biscuits, with carrot ears, cucumber nose & mouth, and 2 little sugar eyes. He had carrot sticks and cucumber flowers, a fresh strawberry, a couple of slices of yellow plum, green grapes & blackberries. He ate that and had another biscuit as well.

I think we'll be making these again--they have the makings of a great freezer item!


  1. Your biscuits turned out great and love the idea of doing PB&J inside...will have to try that next :)

  2. Ha! Great minds... I did stuffed biscuits as well today! Mine had ham and spices inside. I popped the extra ones into the freezer for quick bento stash, too.

  3. They look great and awesome that they were a hit! Score!

  4. such a cute idea! whats that little doggy doing sticking out of the strawberry??

  5. He's just a little food pick, kind of a toothpick with a cute top! I have a bunch of them and thought the berry needed a decoration. ;o)

  6. Super cute!! I want to try these sometime but I keep forgetting to buy biscuits when I am out :/ PB&J sounds amazing!

  7. I love all the biscuit and muffins that you make and freeze, but I have a question. You've kept them in the freezer, you defrost them in the refrigerator and toss them in a lunchbox, don't they get soggy?




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