Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday Snack Bento for Faith

Still on vacation mode, but tonight, we are heading out for a BBQ at our friends' house. F&B won't make it till tonight of course, but I don't want them eating a huge meal mid-afternoon either. I prepped snack boxes to get them through till dinner. ;o)

Faith has a turkey & cheese sandwich on one of the cute little mini sliders that I'm so fascinated with, topped with a cheese flower and a fishie flag. She has fresh jumbo blackberries and a fresh strawberry, a little bit of homemade granola bar, and some carrot sticks. Nana also had some Girl Scout cookies saved, so she has one of her favorite lemon ones tucked in the back.


  1. Such a healthy snack bento! When I think of all the junk food that is marketed to kids, I understand exactly why we have an obesity epidemic. This is nutritious and has a great variety to keep kids interested. Good job!

  2. Thanks! I totally agree. I see nothing wrong with a treat (ie. the GS cookie), when it's balanced by healthy foods too. I want the kids to learn balance/moderation, so we usually have little sweets here & there so they never crave it or binge. Both of mine, given the choice, would pick fruit over anything else (the boy can eat a pint of blackberries in a sitting).

  3. Looks delish as always. So how many packs of the mini sliders are you packing to bring

  4. A few! We're still on our first pack (I froze them immediately) and F&B usually only eat one each at once. I figure if I buy the day before we leave and don't freeze, they should be fine for the trip home and can go straight into my freezer. :o)



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