Vrooooooom! Ben's Car Bento

You know how when you have two kids, everything absolutely must be equal.

Well, Faith got a ballerina bento, so Ben had to have something equally special. And he wasn't having his own ballerina. ;o)

Instead, Ben picked the car cookie cutter, so he had a ham & turkey sandwich on Nature's Own Honey Wheat with a cheddar car with luncheon meat wheels (really, this one wasn't nearly that bad to make, the wheels were the same size as my little circle fondant cutter, so it only took a moment to cut & swap them). He had some grapes with a couple of his favorite picks, some plum slices topped with a cheese star, and some carrot & celery sticks with dip in the little yellow container.

The box is actually a Tupperware sandwich box with KungFu Panda on the lid. Ben went through a Kung Fu Panda phase, so I had to get him that one. :o)

He also told me "Mommy, you have to take a picture of me *with* my lunch!" So I did.


  1. I love kungfu panda! Cute little car. And I love your backgrounds!

  2. Oh my gosh, look at that great smile from Ben! Great bento and I love the sandwich box!

  3. Great bento, and there's that awesome tree pick again. I love the way things come together, like having a cutter that just fits to make wheels on a car. Have a great weekend!

  4. Ben is just like my boy... cheeky with their bentos... :P


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