Balloons & Butterflies Bento!

Another alliterative lunch (which perhaps, in & of itself is alliterative?). :o)

Thankfully, I had this one on my camera, because we are out of most food. We are also out of the elements of food and had cereal for breakfast because I might have used the rest of the eggs & ham & turkey to make quiche yesterday and forgot about making a Kroger run. It happens. We do, however, have a plethora of fruit because I picked one of our big watermelons from the garden yesterday! Sliced half, trying to decide what to make with the other half, leaning towards a granita.

Anyhow, back to lunches ...

Faith has a turkey & cheese sandwich on Nature's Own Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds, cut in half to fit the box. It's top with a lunch meat butterfly with marble cheese spots, a white cheddar body, orange cheddar head and a couple of sugar eyes. He also has some little grape balloons floating by him and a few strawberries. The bottom tier holds a sliced boiled egg, cantaloupe & honeydew.

Think I'm going to make a grocery run in a bit, I have an idea in my head and need the fixings for it. ;o)

And a couple of cool links today:
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  1. How cute!!! What are the balloon bottoms made out of?

  2. I was going to ask the same question about the balloons.

  3. Plastic food pics that are shaped like balloon strings. :o)

  4. Aw, such a clever cocoon!

  5. I came to ask about the balloon strings too! Any idea where we can pick those up??


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