Ben's Jurassic Bento

Oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs! (Side note, I love Sandra Boynton books.)

Mr. Ben needed a cute bento yesterday and we were in a dinosaur kind of mood. Of course, we much prefer the dinos to be of a friendly sort!

Ben has a ham & cheese sandwich on Nature's Own Honey Wheat, shaped like a brontosaurus, with candy eye and meat & cheese spots on his back. Our very happy plant eater is surrounded by green grapes and a few caveman bones that he is only using for decoration.

The bottom tier holds a sliced boiled egg, fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, and a few previously frozen blackberries (that's why they are in a muffin cup, so nothing else gets covered in blackberry juice).


  1. Are the caveman bones picks or edible? Edible would be amazing!

  2. Just picks! They fit the whole prehistoric theme, till I realized that the dino didn't look like a meat eater. ;o) I might be overthinking a sandwich, LOL!

  3. I really like that you put eggs in so many of your bento's. I always fear the egg smell, so I never pack them for lunches out or at school - am I worrying for nothing?

  4. We have the dinosaur sammie cutter and the boys love it! Those little bones are adorable!

  5. Love your dino, so cute! This cutter is super nice ya? It makes dinos look so cute and friendly!

    What a great idea for the bones pick in green grapes, I've never thot of that!! Looks like a candy pressie! ;)


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