Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeding my Husband - a Conference Lunch

Shaun's at a conference/seminar this week from Tuesday through Friday. The first day, obviously, was yesterday, and I got a phone call home around lunchtime with him telling me they weren't providing lunch. They also had no coffee (which is totally wrong in any seminar). Totally did NOT expect that.

I couldn't tell you the last conference either of us have been to where they didn't feed you as part of it. My staff meetings at the little private school where I last worked? They still fed us. And no coffee at a thing that starts at 8:30 am? That's just 10 shades of wrong. And really, it could have said *somewhere* lunch is not provided.

Since he ended up having to get fast food yesterday, I offered to send him a lunch today. Then I thought again and decided he probably needed a mid-morning snack too.

For lunch, he has two chicken salad sandwiches on Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins. I had extra chicken salad from F&B on Tuesday, so I added some onion, some relish and a few drops of hot sauce to make a more grown up version of their chicken, ranch & mayo salad. ;o) He also has some of Faith's Garden Zucchini Bars from Monday, some pasta salad (also featured in Ben's rocket lunch today), and some sliced strawberries & blueberries. It was really tempting to decorate his sandwich, but I restrained myself. ;o)

It's packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes which worked perfectly today. He also used the matching EasyLunchboxes cooler so there was plenty of room for frozen waterbottles and a mid-morning snack.

Now for that mid-morning snack, I still stayed away from "cute", but he had to use a Mickey Mouse bento because it was the right size for what I wanted to send.

He took a blueberry-cinnamon muffin and some Crispy Green freeze-dried fruit. I wrote a review for MomTrends on those and they've been quite the hit with Shaun & the kids. I believe he had the banana, the Asian pear, and the pineapple today. The mango (his favorite) is long gone and I'm rather partial to the apple ones. :o)

I was hoping to add a side salad somewhere, but we're out of lettuce, so that may just have to wait till tomorrow. I am going to assume that it's healthier, tastier and more filling than the drive-thru chicken sandwich he had yesterday.


  1. Nice manly bento and snack! How strange to have no food or coffee provided.

  2. I know. It was so tempting, nice flat round sandwich surface to decorate ...

  3. Got a kick out of your need to exercise restraint! That is too funny. You should surprise him on Fri. with T.G.I.F. cutouts.

    I agree it's weird that at least coffee isn't being provided. I read that you packed frozen water bottles, though. Please don't tell us they aren't even providing water?!?!!

  4. They did have water, but I figured it was better to play it safe and send him his own, in case they ran out. After Day 1, I was not holding my breath that they'd even have that.

  5. Nice bento for him, snack and all. We had a summer health seminar for all the schools nurses and health aides (that's what I do). We had granola bars and tea and juice. No breakfast like the years prior and no coffee, just tea. The lunch which is usually provided too was a crock pot dish brought in by the nurses. (Not all of our schools have a nurse but we all have health room aides). Just shows the cut backs in the schools! I just wish they would of told us, I would of eaten breakfast first!

  6. Very thoughtful of you to prepare him a nice bento. Love is all over written in this bento :)

  7. Wah.. So loving! What was his reaction with the mickey mouse box? ;)

  8. I love the "grown up" lunches!

  9. Great bento and bento snack! This will probably also help him stay awake during the conference. Whenever I get fast food during the day, I can barely keep my eyes open for the afternoon. That's why I do fast food about once per month. Takes me that long to forget how I feel after I eat it. :)

  10. Great stuff. You're genius.

    Keri at

  11. follow button not working. grrrrr...



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