The "Fish & Dip" Bento

Or at least that's what Ben named it!

I'm not entirely sure how appetizing "Fish & Dip" sounds, but I think he kind of has a point.

It's another really simple bento, but was different enough that F&B really enjoyed it! The kids really enjoy dipping and tuna salad was perfect for the pita crackers and veggies.

This is actually Faith's box, based on the flower cheese & the fact that there is a cucumber. Ben is not a big cucumber fan, he usually takes celery instead. They each had a scoop of tuna salad (ice cream scoopers make for neat looking dips), with carrot sticks and Faith has a couple of cucumber flowers. There's pasta salad with peas, topped with another cheese flower. Below are whole wheat pita chips and a few cubes of cheese, then purple plum slices & grapes.

It's packed in the 4 square Lock&Lock box, which is really handy for bentos and a great idea for those who want to try without investing tons of money in supplies. Mine was from Target a few years ago, but they should be available online!


  1. I love the ice cream scoop idea! And it should hold it's shape. Have you ever tried a little wasabi mixed into tuna salad? It's pretty tasty, although F&B might think it is too spicy.

  2. nicely arranged, Shannon and i agree the box is really handy

  3. Thanks! I think Shaun would like the wasabi with tuna, I will have to try it for him, F&B still like everything a bit milder. (They are like their mommy ;o) )

    @Yenny, I really am liking that box lately, I never used it much and it is so useful with the little containers.


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