A Light Weekend Snack Bento

Shaun made a lovely breakfast fried rice this morning for brunch, so we really didn't need a big lunch today. Since our church resumes Saturday services this week (yay!), a light snack is required for an always-starving Ben.

This bento features a sausage stuffed biscuit, topped with cheese stars, a mini chocolate chip muffin with a blueberry skewered on top (he wanted one, I do not know why), carrot & celery sticks, green grapes & cantaloupe. This should hold off hunger for a little while longer!

Don't forget to enter the Mimi the Sardine giveaway! As well, through BlogHer & posted on my review blog, there are giveaways for a $100 Visa card & prize pack from Juicy Juice, and a $100 prize pack including a gift card you can donate to the charity of your choice from McDonald's.


  1. I would kill for a sausage stuffed biscuit right now! Or maybe bacon stuffed! Yummy!

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  3. Ooops!!

    Anyway, you have some cute picks. Where's the best place to get them online?

  4. OK What's the trick to perfect biscuits? lol Yours always look just right. Mine are either burnt or still soggy inside.

    Love how you turned the box to a diamond angle. Makes for a nice pic. I'm going to miss your posts while I'm on my 'vacay' and linking up this week!

  5. Which post do you want linked up? Email it to me (scarino@gmail.com) and I'll add it in for you. :o)

    I'm not sure if I have a trick, but I bake them in our toaster oven instead of the big oven. Oh, and I put the silicone cups on a cookie sheet, not into muffin tins. I have no idea if that makes a difference or not, but that's how I make them. :o)

    @Sarah - online, try From Japan with Love (link is on the right). Sofia is a Canadian living in Japan and very nice to work with. JList also has cute stuff. Sometimes Ebay or Etsy carry it. I usually depend on friends going to or living in California to shop for me. ;o)


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