More Froggie Face Bentos

We're enjoying the frog themed bentos around here, like this one with fresh yellow plums and a silly froggie face with a tongue sticking out, or this one with lots of fresh berries and a homemade flag idea.

Today we had another take on a froggie face, but with fresh buns from the grocery store.

Faith had a turkey & cheese sandwich inside flaky bun from our grocery (I bought theses for a get together and we had several leftover). It's topped with a cheddar frog face, sugar eyes and a luncheon meat smile. She also has several fresh strawberries, some sliced grapes, slivered carrot sticks, and strawberry-blueberry granola bars cut into thirds and stacked to fit. Who says granola bars have to be long and rectangular?


  1. Or that froggies have to be green? Cute! Love the polka dots too :)

  2. Exactly. No one really wants green cheese. ;o)

  3. Love the cute yellow frog! Perfect eyes :)


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