A Puzzling Bento for Ben

Time for a quick snack before martial arts and it's a puzzling affair.

I'm busy experimenting with my new food dehydrator, so we need simple & quick bentos today.

Ben has puzzle shaped cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, cut out with our Lunch Punch. He promptly tried to put them together, then complained that he got jelly on his hands. ;o) To go with his sandwiches, he has carrot sticks, grapes & a plum, half of a cinnamon blueberry muffin (we made regular size ones, so they were a bit big for bentos), and vanilla yogurt with strawberries & blueberries.

It's all packed in a 4-square Lock & Lock bento which I'm liking more than I thought I did. I've had it for the last 3 years but started using it more frequently. It's kind of convenient, especially with foods that shouldn't bump into each other (sliced plums next to muffins could be a problem).


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  2. Oh, my kids used to have the Lock & Lock containers. I loved them! I can't find them in stores anymore. Super cute lunch, I love the little puzzle pieces!

  3. Love the puzzle lunch punches, so need to buy some!

  4. The lock and locks are still available online, I believe on their site, Amanda. :) I hope that helps. I have the same ones but don't use them a lot unless we are doing sandwiches. I do like them though.


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