Quick & Easy Bento for Ben!

Continuing on with the quick & easy theme, and using some leftovers, I managed to serve up a cute little lunch for Mr. Ben.

We had his birthday party yesterday, so we have some buns leftover. I froze the full packages, but wanted to use out the open ones. They work perfectly for mini sub sandwiches! (And if you haven't tried them, Nature's Own White Wheat buns are very good. We used them as a step to make the switch over to full wheat/whole grain.)

Ben has a ham & roast beef sub-style sandwich on half a bun, the very last granola bar, some slivered carrot sticks, green grapes (underneath on the left), cantaloupe, blueberries, and one kebab because we needed *something* cute in the box. Since I already had diced the cantaloupe, it only took a few seconds to add a kebab. :o)


  1. Adorable!! I will have to check out the buns. We fully eat whole grains and I have to confess that I am the one who has trouble with it. Kidlet's never known any differently but I grew up on white bread and I like it darn it :P so the white wheat combo makes me happy!

  2. it is a good use for the leftovers..:-)

  3. Good for getting your kids use to the whole grain bread switch young. My grandmother pulled that switch on me around the same age and since then I only keep wheat bread in the house.

  4. I wanted to before the kids got as used to it as Shaun. Believe it or not, they were more amenable to the change than he was. He's participating because it is healthier for the kids, but he still doesn't care for the whole grain breads that much.


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