Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Rare Appearance of a Husband Lunch

He does eat, I promise. It's just not usually bentos or pretty or made by me. ;o) But I've been meaning to make a grown-up lunch in our Easy Lunchboxes for another purpose, so he lucked out today and got lunc.

Shaun has roast beef & cheese sandwich on Nature's Own 100% Whole Grain Sandwich Thins with all the fixings inside, a couple of mini chocolate chip muffins, a homemade strawberry-blueberry granola bar, and a few grapes to hold it all in place in the main compartment. On the right, he has Rainbow Corn Salad and a mixed fruit salad of sorts (watermelon, strawberries & grapes, I need to run to the store). As mentioned, it's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes and he felt it was more than enough food for lunch.


  1. LOVE these Easy Lunch Boxes! I've got stacks of them now... we're ready for school, gymnastics, martial arts, and whatever else comes our way! :-)

  2. Awesome! Really should start making hubby his lunches to...just haven't gotten there yet :)

  3. It happens rarely around here, although his are probably easier than the kids' lunches. He doesn't expect cute and he'll eat the leftovers.

  4. Nice, non-cutesy one :)
    These boxes are good for that. I have them and have yet to try them!

  5. agree with you...my husband also needs nothing cute from his box. This lunch is simple and healthy! and nice box too..:-)

  6. My hubby asked how come he didn't get his bento this morning!! Haha am so happy that he asked and am sure with ur skills in bento ur hubby will be asking for more!



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