Rocket to the Moon Bento for Ben

This would be another one of those bentos, sort of like the lion-pony-sheep, that looked a bit better in my head than it did when I made it. However, Mr. Ben liked it, so in the long run, that's what counts. He was working on a space puzzle yesterday, so we had to go with a space themed bento.

Rocket Moon Paperchase Alien Bento Box

Ben has teriyaki chicken bites (leftover from the Kroger deli the night before), a quick pasta salad (leftover pasta tossed with some dressing, peas and baby carrot stars), a cheese moon, a cheese rocket ship, blueberries, strawberries & plums, and a piece of Monday's Garden Zucchini bars. The rocket fit nicely on top without having to be stuck in place, so it's resting very gently on the dessert.


  1. I love all the colourful fruits and veggies in this lunch!! He'll be able to put up all of his magnets on his rainbow chart!!!

  2. I love this one! The lion/pony/sheep still makes me laugh.

  3. I think it looks lovely! :) You've given me inspiration for a future bento lunch.

  4. too cute - what do you use to make these very small cut-outs. i have some pampered chef mini's but they are too bug for my carrots and cucumbers...also this is probably one of my favorite containers - because the dividers are such a good size, whats the name so i can find it online.
    love the zucchini bars, hoping to make those with the kids today!

  5. Thanks everyone. The lionponysheep was a little sad, but Faith still liked him. ;o)

    @sarah, the stars are a set of Wilton fondant cutters. They come in a 3 pack--teeny tiny, small and normal. The small is about the size of the moon, and the normal is maybe about 1.5-2 inches across. The teeny tiny can slice baby carrots which I love for decoration. The container is Paperchase brand, I got it at Borders.

  6. ow, nice rocket! fit perfectly with moon and the stars..


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