Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simple Snacks for Faith

Time for a quick little snack for Miss Faith. We did cucumber sandwiches the other week with cream cheese and she absolutely love them and has been asking for them again. No complaints from me and cucumber rounds do tuck nicely into little mini pita breads.

She has 3 mini pita halves stuffed with cream cheese and cucumbers, a bunny skewer of ham and a couple of cheese cubes (I'm thinking cucumber sandwiches may not have enough proteins). The other side holds grapes, cantaloupe and carrot sticks, all packed in her favorite Hello Kitty box!


  1. Love this one. I have been trying to figure out what to send on the 1st day of school.. and something like this would be perfect.

  2. strange... I've made a pitta bento tonight as well, although mine isn't as lovely and healthy as yours!

  3. Adorable! I may have to try this to get Kidlet to eat cucumber :P He always used to love it and is now suddenly on a cucumber strike lol

  4. I want to "borrow" a small child so I can make cute bentos like this one! :) Oh wait... maybe my neighbor would let me make their kid a snack once in awhile? Would that be weird. LOL!

  5. Lovely snack! Can't find those mini pita in my place. :(



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