Turtle Bento for Faith

I'm really having a good time with the decorative sandwich bentos and the beauty in their simplicity.

If you look at it, it's really nothing fancy, just sliced and packed neatly which make it look so pretty (imho anyhow) and only a simple turtle for a decoration. :o) He's made out of two kinds of cheese, a little bit of leftover cucumber and a sugar eye.

Faith has a cream cheese & cucumber slice sandwich on Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread, a few cucumber flowers (much easier than peeling cucumbers), celery underneath and carrot sticks. The top right holds strawberries and a mini-muffin, and the bottom right holds watermelon from our garden!

Check us out in the Dallas Morning News, Memphis Commercial Appeal and MomTrends! It's been a very good bento blog week for me. :o)


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