Zak Nibble Tray Giveaway Winner!

The winner for the Zak Nibble Tray giveaway is ...

Entry #179 - Sarah
I tweeted about the giveaway. (shbmom4)

Scrolling up a tad, I still love her original comment from the first question, so I'm posting it because I can:

"I love this and actually, I have a spongebob loving boy who things this pineapple ROCKS, lol I couldnt believe he associated the pineapple with that show instantly...
We would put little fruits and homeade macaroons, some homeade granola, edamame, definately would use some hummus (love that section can be frozen) I actually cant think of anything my son eats we couldnt put in there... would so love one of these."

Sarah, email me at scarino @!

Our review is here and one of our Nibble Tray lunches is here, we are loving it!