After Taekwondo Snack Bentos, x2

We all had taekwondo last night, kids first, then the grown ups, plus a desperate need to go grocery shopping! Since F&B were going to have to sit through our class, then spend another good hour at Kroger, I decided it was best to bring them a good snack.

Now, reflecting on that need to go grocery shopping, this was the best I could come up with, given our general lack of food and food elements. I actually ended up using the last pluot, the last 2 tortillas, the last of the shredded cheese, etc. We did make our Kroger run after martial arts, so there should be some bentos with other food coming soon! My mom sent me a recipe for zucchini parmesan muffins that we all want to try.

Faith had a quesadilla, quartered to fit in the box, made out of whole wheat tortillas and mozzarella (love our Kroger bakery for fresh tortillas). She had half a pluot, a few cucumber flowers, a few baby carrots, a few blackberries, and some kind of mini-muffin, all served with monkey picks (I call her my monkey girl).

Mr. Ben has the same kind of quesadilla, along half a pluot, blackberries and blueberries, carrot sticks and a mini-muffin. His are decorated with his Peanut the elephant picks, of course!

In other news, working on a BlogHer fun posting thingie from Samsung. If you're ever wondered more about my kitchen organization skills, stop by!


  1. That's pretty impressive for having a grocery store need! Still tasty and colorful :D


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