Breakfast for Lunch Bento for Faith

We were looking for something fun and a little different today. And after a thought provoking discussion with Miss Faith yesterday on eggs, chickens & baby chicks, *I* could not eat the egg I boiled for myself that I was desperately craving the night before, so I still had a spare egg for the girl. We decided on a breakfast for lunch theme with her favorite Strawberry Shortcake picks (these were from her 6th birthday cake from Kroger).

She has half a cinnamon raisin bagel with blueberry cream cheese, half of my boiled egg, honeydew, cantaloupe, and a homemade strawberry-apple-vanilla fruit roll up (dehydrator deals are here if you're interested, we love it!).


  1. Looks delicious! I love the picks they are adorable!

  2. Looks perfect and my favorite type of bagel..yummy!

  3. Strawberry shortcake used to be Audrey's fav ... I think she still keeps the DVD and the wallet. Bagel looks perfect for bento :)


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